23 February 2012

Lion in Pyjammas Tote Bag

Today I purchased an illustrated Lion in Pyjammas tote bag. £8.50 from http://www.zosienkarosie.com/

16 February 2012

Paul & Joe Lipstick and Nails

Beauty bloggers all over America are going absolutely bananas over Paul & Joe's new collection. And rightly so - look how super cute they are. £16 lipstick and £10 nail varnish exclusively at http://www.asos.com/. Can't wait for mine to arrive!

15 February 2012

Fashion Camera Straps by SFK

I'm totally obsessed over these. I'm a huge camera junkie and I absolutely ADORE these super cute camera straps. The long one's $80 (£50) and the wristlet's $55 (£35) and they can be purchased at reserve.refinery29.com or sarahfranceskuhn.com

14 February 2012

09 February 2012

Handmade Valentine's Day Card

I hope my lucky Valentine is going to like my purchase today. Handmade card for £3.50 and plantable heart seeds that grow into wild flowers for an extra £4. Find them at http://www.door77.co.uk/

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03 February 2012

Alice in Wonderland Vintage Key Necklace

Today I purchased an Alice in Wonderland vintage key necklace. £20 from my favourite little online boutique shop http://www.bookishengland.co.uk/

01 February 2012